What Should I Expect Sunday?

EXPECT TO BE WELCOMED. We want you here. God has changed our lives and we want you to experience that to. We are normal people, who don't have it all together, but we know the God who does. So come as you are. Dress how you're comfortable. Any given Sunday you'll find people in suits and jeans (that's true for the people on stage too). So be yourself. 

EXPECT TO HEAR A SERMON ROOTED FIRMLY IN THE BIBLE. We take seriously the Word of God around here and don't just sprinkle it in here and there. You don't need to hear what we think about stuff, you need to hear what God thinks and that can only be found in what He has revealed in the Scriptures. So the sermons are expositions that take their lead from the text of God's Word. Typically, the sermon series' center on a book of the Bible that we work through systematically, verse by verse, for several weeks and months. This forces us into the full counsel of God, even the parts most people tend to neglect. We strive to be biblically-balanced and theologically informed.

EXPECT TO HEAR THE GOSPEL. What Christ has done for us in His death and Resurrection is the climax of all of Scripture and every page of the Bible points to Him in some way, so we are constanly connecting whatever passage of Scripture we are studying to the work of Christ that saves sinners like us. Therefore, expect to hear the Gospel on Sunday and some of the implications of the Gospel. Want to know what we mean by "the Gospel"? Click HERE.

This Is the Building with the Sanctuary:

Main Church Building


EXPECT TO HEAR SOME GREAT MUSIC AND PARTICIPATE IN SOME POWERFUL WORSHIP THROUGH SONG. God has blessed us with a large number of talented musicians, vocally and instrumentally. Some services incorporate a choir and orchestra, others a praise team, and occassionally you may even hear our youth band. We do hymns and modern worship tracks. We have two services on Sunday mornings and we tend to designate a music style for each service (the earliest one being more traditional and the latest service more contemporary). But we want all of our music to stir our affections for Christ by rehearsing the Gospel through their lyrics and pushing us to express our thanksgiving to the Father. Chances are we have a service with a music style you will enjoy worshipping to. And if you love to sing or play an instrument, this is a great church to use those gifts in service to the Lord.

Current Sunday Schedule:

8:30 AM  | Classic Worship Service with Preaching

9:45 AM    Sunday School, Classes for all ages

11:00 AM| Morning Worship Service with Preaching.
                | Children's Church Gathering.
                | Nursery Available.

5:30 PM  | Evening Worship Service and Bible Study