A Helping Hand

"A Helping Hand" (S.O.S. Team for benevolence ministry)

Approximate Dates:

July 2022 - December 2022


Our benevolence ministry has evolved over the years and this is a season where we need to evolve it a bit more to meet the needs of our community and to be good stewards with the resources that God has entrusted to us. If you’re not familiar, our benevolence ministry centers on how our church fields requests for assistance from our neighbors and distributes assistance when appropriate.
Our deacons will be handling this for our church body, but the benevolence committee will be our point of contact for our community. This team will help us put together some policies and strategize for how to meet the needs we have ability and means to address. 

Interested in the leadership team?

We are not looking (necessarily) for people to serve on our benevolence committee. We are looking for people to serve on this S.O.S. team who have a heart for helping people in need in Jesus’ name. Members of this team will spend time researching how to have an effective benevolence ministry, how to tailor that ministry to the needs of our context (working in concert with other community resources), how to supplement that material assistance with spiritual counsel and Gospel ministry, and, to that end, constructing some policies that the benevolence committee can make use of for ongoing ministry. If this sounds like something you would like to help us with, pray about joining this leadership team.

  • You must be willing to commit about 6 months to the effort—the first few months for the planning of initiatives and the second few for the implementation of those initiatives with the rest of the church.
  • You must be willing to meet regularly for a few months with the team to pray for and plan out these initiatives for the church (we will wait until the team is assemble to find a time that works for everyone's schedules).
  • You must be willing to read an assigned book and some articles during that time (seriously!), which will be discussed at the leadership gatherings.

If you have questions, please call the church. If you would like to join the leadership team, fill out the application form below: