Cristo Salva

"Cristo Salva!" (S.O.S. Team for Spanish Ministry)

Approximate Dates:

July 2021 - December 2021


This theme will focus on how we can reach the lost by engaging our Spanish speaking neighbors with the Gospel. We are going to be looking at the ministries that are currently happening, the communities that may need more of a Gospel presence, and ways to effectively minister to people whose first language may not be English. Some examples of some things we might consider include (but are not limited to) finding ways to translate some of our ongoing teaching ministries, exploring ESL training programs, considering the development of some new groups to reach these communities, outfitting our church with resources to do effective ministry in this area, and even the possibility of planting a Gospel-rich, Christ-centered church in a location that makes sense in light of the Great Commission. 

 Interested in the leadership team?

You don’t have to speak Spanish to be a part of this group, you just need a passion for reaching the lost and serving some under-reached people in our area. If that sounds like you, then we would invite you to pray about joining this leadership team.

  • You must be willing to commit about 6 months to the effort—the first few months for the planning of initiatives and the second few for the implementation of those initiatives with the rest of the church.
  • You must be willing to meet regularly for a few months with the team to pray for and plan out these initiatives for the church (that time will be selected once the team is assembled and we know everyone's availability).
  • You must be willing to read an assigned book and some articles during that time, which will be discussed at the leadership gatherings.

If you have some questions, please call the church. If you would like to join the leadership team, fill out the application form below: