S.O.S. Pandemic Team

S.O.S. Pandemic Team


Now and for as long as it is necessary


Because of recent developments with the Coronavirus, the Southern Oaks family must learn how to function as the body of Christ in a health situation for which we do not have a precedent.  Although our church schedule will not look like it has in the past, we will continue to BE the Church.  This includes caring for each other by meeting needs for those at risk, praying for our church, nation, and world, and staying connected with church members who are isolated.

This Southern Oaks Samaritan Team is necessary to lead us to minister well to each other, regardless of where or how we gather.  If you are an individual who is in the "low risk demographic" for the coronavirus and are healthy, and you are willing to be available to help our members (especially senior adults) with needs that arise, please prayerfully consider being a part of this urgent S.O.S. Leadership Team. 


If you have questions, please call the church. If you would like to join the leadership team, fill out the application form below:


S.O.S. Pandemic Team

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If you or someone you know needs help due to the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic, please fill out the form below.  Someone will contact you soon.


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