2019 Bible Reading Plan

Every year our church offers a Bible reading plan that encourages faithful devotional reading throughout the year. For 2019 the reading plan we have adopted was put together by Tabletalk Magazine.  Notice that the numbers (e.g., 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.) represent the days of the month and the "WE" stands for a weekend reading. While this schedule is not original to us, but has several advantages that make it appealing to us. 

Advantage 1: Diversity

Each week's readings are drawn from both the Old and New Testament, which decreases the likelihood that you will get bogged down in a section of Scripture that is more confusing and tedious to navigate. All Scripture is important, but we believe you are more likely to stick with the program when the harder to understand sections are combined with some that are easier to grasp.

Advantage 2: CANONiCAL

The weekly readings from each Testament follow the order that they appear in your English Bible. They often follow a historical chronology and in the past we have utilized a chronological reading plan. This year, however, the canonical approach will allow you to familiarize yourself with the order that the individual books occur in your Bible. 

Advantage 3: Options

If you choose to do all the readings each week, you will read through the entire Bible during the year. Nevertheless, there is an old adage that applies here: "Don't bite off more than you can chew." Maybe this is the first time you have ever attempted to read the Bible consistently. If so, you might consider reading just the New Testament readings each week (i.e., right column). You'll find that to be more manageable and you will have read the entire New Testament in the year. The following year, you can challenge yourself with more readings that incorporate the Old Testament. But just remember that it's not a race. It would be better for you to only read some of the Bible prayerfully and thoughtfully each day than to get all the readings done hastily without retaining what you have read. So choose the option that works best for you.

Advantage 4: Catch Up Day!

Did you know the readings for each week are only five days and a weekend? There's a reason for that. The vast majority of people who begin a Bible Reading Plan eventually fall behind. Most of those who fall behind eventually give up the readings all together. To help us avoid being among those statistics, this plan has built in catch up days. One a week. Every week! 

Are you ready?

Download the plan in the link below and and enjoy your reading. We are here for you, so if ever you have questions about what you are reading, don't be a stranger. Consider getting some people to join you in the readings. Accountability is a wonderful path to success. And most of all, each time you read, begin with prayer. Remember that you are about to read from the very Word of God. So open the book, find the page, and ask, "Lord, please help me to hear your voice as I read." You won't regret it!

Click Here for Reading Plan