"The things that are essential to salvation are so exceedingly simple that no child need sit down in despair of understanding the things which make for his peace. Christ crucified is not a riddle for sages, but a plain truth for plain people. True it is meat for men, but it is also milk for babes."

~~ Charles Haddon Spurgeon ~~


Our nursery is filled with loving caregivers who have been thoroughly vetted and trained to care for our babies, toddlers and preschoolers. The nursery is available for children under 4 during all of our Sunday and Wednesday services and activities. Your children are always welcome to join you in any of our services and activities. However, if you would like to leave them in the care of our wonderful workers where they will learn age appropriate lessons of God’s love and play with friends their age, then our nursery is the place to be. We also do our best to provide an open nursery during many of our G.R.O.U.P.S. ministries that meet throughout the week. When an adult group meets at a time when there are no other activities for older children we extend the nursery to include all children 5th grade and under. For more information on which gatherings have nursery , click HERE.

To view a copy of the Nursery Handbook, click HERE.

Sunday Activities

Wednesday Activities

Children's Workers:
If you are looking for the Child Protection Training video, click on the dropdown window below:

Reducing the Risk Video

If you are interested in working with children at Southern Oaks, the first step is completing the questions below that are based on the above video. You will then be interviewed, subjected to a thorough background check, and, if qualified, given the appropriate training. 

Reducing the Risk Video Questions

( )   -

2. True or false: The abuser is most often a stranger?*

3. It is considered child sexual abuse if the victim is younger than*

4. Incidents of child sexual abuse peak between these ages:*

5. True or false: Most child sex offenders have one victim?*

9. When isolation is high, risk is ______.*

10. When accountability is low, risk is _______.*

11. When the imbalance of power and control between adults and children is low, risk is _____.*

14. True or false: Abusers tend to move to inappropriate touch as soon as possible?*

15. True or false: A child sexual offender is always an adult?*