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We know that visiting a church can be a daunting proposition, so we want to help  make the process not only painless, but pleasurable. Below you will find some information and links to help you get to know us better before your visit and help you navigate the options for your visit. If you have any questions though, please don't hesitate to contact us.  We are here for you.

In Case You Want to Know...

We are men, women, children, plumbers, electricians, businessmen and women, students, teachers, motorcycle riders, athletes, artists, young, and old, but most of all we are a family of imperfect people redeemed by the perfect Savior, Jesus Christ, who has given us hope and reason to live. We love our Savior and we love celebrating His love for us. If you have not had a chance to explore our online home, the following links may be of interest to you:

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What Service Should I Attend?

We have two Sunday morning worship services, the first is at 8:30 am and the second at 11:10 am. Chances are you will probably enjoy both, but depending on your needs or preferences you may opt to pick a certain service for your first visit.

Have musical preferences? If you have a strong affinity for worship led by a choir and orchestra, blended in its musical selection, but more traditional in its leaning, then we would encourage you to visit our 8:30 am service. We really think you are going to like it. If you prefer a more contemporary blend of worship music, then the 11:10 am service is for you.

Have kids? They are welcome to attend either service with you, no matter their age. And don't worry about them acting like kids. We expect that and we welcome it. The services are family-friendly and there is no need to be self-conscious about your children behaving like children. We get it. As parents, we've been there too!

On the other hand, if you would like a "Children's Church" alternative, where your kids can join with others their age and learn about Jesus from teachers focused exclusively on their level of understanding, then you should consider the 11:10 am service because during the same hour our Children's Church will be in session in the children's wing. It's completely optional, but if it meets your needs, take advantage of it during the second service. Nursery is available during both services, but the Children's Church is only during the 11:10 am service.

Interested in Attending a Sunday School Group?

Our Sunday School hour is between both services, starting at 9:45 am. We have a variety of classes to choose from, for all ages. In all likelihood, there are multiple classes that you may want to try. But where do you start? We've found that Sunday School is often one of the most difficult things to navigate when you are new to a church, so we have done our best to take the guesswork out of it by providing a helpful "Group Finder." All you need to do is click the button below, select the appropriate fields, and the filter will provide some class options for you to consider. Details for each class, including what they are currently studying, is just a click away. Take a look and see which group seems best for your needs.  

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We would love to see you soon!

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