S.O.S. Initiatives

S.O.S. Initiatives

“S.O.S.” stands for “Southern Oaks Samaritans.” Inspired by the lessons Jesus taught in the Parable of the Good Samaritan (see the “S.O.S.” sermon series), these are initiatives that we pursue in the community to demonstrate love for our neighbors. 

Since 2019, we have sectioned off the year around certain themes and during that timeframe we seek to pursue service initiatives in our community related to that theme (e.g., homelessness). Our church announces the upcoming theme, recruits a team to lead in planning out initiatives for the church at large (e.g., putting together and distributing care packages to the homeless), and then the whole church participates in those efforts when the time comes. 


"Cristo Salva! (Spanish Ministry)" (Click Here to Learn More)


"A Helping Hand" (Benevolence Ministry)" (Click Here to Learn More)

CUrrent Theme 3:

"Brokenness Restored" (Counseling Ministry) (Click Here to Learn More)