"Youth ministry seeking lasting changes must flow out of the theology of the cross. The cross presents a picture of a just, loving, and revealed God. Jesus Christ, God in human flesh, bears the full punishment for the sins of God’s people in their place, in order to bring salvation. The reason...gospel centrality [is] so critical to youth ministry is that it addresses the heart of students—their true problems and their greatest eternal potential. Rules, motivational speeches, fun, and friends have no power to heal hearts and revive lives like the good news of Christ’s completed work. When we take ministry back to the gospel, we are connecting students with the power of Jesus’s cross and resurrection. God can accomplish the purpose of ministry to youth (lasting change) through the gospel as they believe in Jesus and follow him forever."

~~ Cameron Cole ~~

What we pursue

As a  Youth Ministry, we are here to help students (6th -12th grade) pursue G.R.O.W.T.H.
Go to God in prayer
Read Scripture
Offer aid to the needy
Work together
Teach the Gospel
Hunger for discipleship

Weekly Activities