2021 Bible Reading Plan

Every year our church offers a Bible reading plan that encourages faithful devotional reading throughout the year. For 2021 the reading plan we have adopted is called the "Read the Bible for Life" plan.  This plan stretches for an entire year and is designed to get you through the entire Bible chronologically.  While this schedule is not original to us, but has several advantages that make it appealing to us. 

Advantage 1: Chronological

Each week you will progress through the story of the Bible in a more or less chronological fashion. That doesn't mean you will read the text in its canonical order (i.e., the order it occurs in your English Bible). It does mean that, at least for the narrative portions, they will progress from the beginning of the story (the creation account) to the end (the second coming and new creation). That said, sometimes that means the readings will be drawn from different places in the Bible on a given day or week. The first week is a good example. While Genesis, the Gospel according to John, and the Psalms were written at different times, each of the schedule passages for the opening week relate to the creation account. Sections of the Bible (e.g., parts of the wisdom literature) that are not necessarily tied to the narrative are also sprinkled in sporadically throughout the year.  

Advantage 2: Catch Up Day!

Did you know the readings for each week are only six days? There's a reason for that. The vast majority of people who begin a Bible Reading Plan eventually fall behind. Most of those who fall behind eventually give up the readings all together. To help us avoid being among those statistics, this plan has built in catch up days. One a week. Every week! 

Advantage 3: supplemental resources

This plan has some additional resources tied to it that might help you along the way. There are chronological Bibles available, which arrange the readings for you so you can just turn the page each day.  Additionally, these Bibles include some opening insights from George Guthrie to orient you to the readings for the day and facilitation your reflection. You can purchase them by clicking the links below: 

CSB Day-by-Day Chronological Bible, Softcover
CSB Day-by-Day Chronological Bible, Soft Leather
CSB Day-by-Day Chronological Bible, eBook

If you would like George Guthrie's insights on the readings without purchasing a new Bible, you can find them also printed in book form:

Reader's Guide to the Bible: A Chronological Reading Plan (Handbook)

Are you ready?

Download the plan in the link below and and enjoy your reading. We are here for you, so if ever you have questions about what you are reading, don't be a stranger. Consider getting some people to join you in the readings. Accountability is a wonderful path to success. And most of all, each time you read, begin with prayer. Remember that you are about to read from the very Word of God. So open the book, find the page, and ask, "Lord, please help me to hear your voice as I read." You won't regret it!

Click Here for Reading Plan