2024 Bible Reading Plan

Every year our church offers a Bible reading plan that encourages faithful devotional reading throughout the year. For 2024, the reading plan we have adopted is called the 'Read the Bible' Bible Reading Plan.  Based on the M’Cheyne reading system, this plan features 4 different daily readings to help you read the Old Testament once and the New Testament and Psalms twice in one year. It is great for use in both family and personal devotions. Some will privately read all four chapters each day. Some will read the first two columns with their family for family worship and the other two columns privately. Others will do the first two columns one year and the second two columns the following year. So commit to how you will read and dive in! While this schedule is not original to us, it is one that we have used in the past with benefit to our members. We pray that it will be a blessing and means of growth in your life this year.

Are you ready?

Download the plan in the link below and and enjoy your reading. There are also other versions that you can get here, herehere, or here. We will also have hard copies available in our Welcome Center and Church Office. We are here for you, so if ever you have questions about what you are reading, don't be a stranger. Consider getting some people to join you in the readings. Accountability is a wonderful path to success. And most of all, each time you read, begin with prayer. Remember that you are about to read from the very Word of God. So open the book, find the page, and ask, "Lord, please help me to hear your voice as I read." You won't regret it! 

Click Here for Reading Plan

Tools to Help You!

Sticking to a reading plan can be difficult. But there's a few tools that can help you enjoy and stay engaged:


Having the Bible on your phone can help you read throughout the day and can even have it read to you while you wash the dishes or on your commute. You can find the YouVersion App on the Apple Store here or the Google Play store here.
In the app, at the bottom of the screen, tap 'Plans'. Click on the magnifying glass in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Type: "For the Love of God" in the search bar. It should be the first one listed. Click 'Start Plan' and you're set! Depending on when you start the plan you may need to adjust the start date to correspond to the yearly calendar. 
If you'd like a little help setting up your app with the plan then we would love to sit down and help walk you through it, just let us know.


A daily newsletter with Don Carson’s devotional reflection along with related articles and links to each day’s Bible readings. Subscribe to the newsletter here.

Devotional  Companion:

D.A. Carson has written a two-part companion guide through the M'Cheyne plan called For the Love of God Volume I and II. You can get that here and here


An audio-podcast reading of Don Carson’s For the Love of God (vol. 1), a daily devotional commentary that follows the M’Cheyne reading plan: podcast (Apple | RSS | Stitcher)
An audio Bible Commentary is provided by Paul Carter called "Into the Word". You can find the website here and the app here.